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How can you explain that you have the possibility to afford more things that you desire and be unhappy?

There are two kinds of happiness in our society:

Hedonistic happiness

Dynamic happiness.

Hedonistic happiness is something that we clearly see in our society for many reasons; some of them the wrong reasons.

This category of happiness is coming from exterior things. For example, you get a raise raising your job you feel happy for a month, and you’re celebrating. Yes, I got an extra dollar in my paycheck per hour and then you realized that quickly you adjusted that pay and all of a sudden that dollar doesn’t make you happy anymore.

A lot of times we in our society look for other people to make us happy. We’re constantly getting in relationships or surrounding ourselves with individuals that are going to fulfill us. And what happens when they’re not there or they leave our lives… whether it’s a job whether it’s a person whether it’s a material thing.

Dynamic happiness, on the other hand, is the happiness from within. That happiness, you can find no matter what’s happening your exterior.

A lot of people are missing that, they’re looking for joy and happiness outside of themselves when all along it’s inside. The outside situation does not define a person’s life.

Understand that; desire is coming from the external influence that we have in our life.

Desire becomes a problem when people start to focus on a lack of having something and then the huge reason why people are unhappy and not satisfied. Society pushes us always to want something more and more. The problem is the exterior world is telling us that we should desire this and that, it’s not our own desire and that’s why create internal conflicts.

Our sense is always stimulated with marketing advertising everywhere to push us to buy new things; even if we don’t want. They constantly manipulate us.

You have to recognize, identify what you really want to avoid to be manipulated by our industry environment. You have to be aware of the system and how it works to avoid being an addict at those desires that make you finally unhappy.

How can you explain that you have the possibility to afford more things that you desire and be unhappy?

That is not sense, the real question is what makes you really happy? Is it the external desire that society creates or internal desire of finding peace? You have to know what you want and why you want it. Create your joy that not depend on external desire.

Social medial it an important way to influence or desire.

It is really important to unfollow or stop to create some unnecessary desire than will make you unhappy, miserable long terms. Industry maniple people ‘mind, so it’s important to identify those ads unnecessarily.

Everything’s that you want you can have it right now, you have to feel it in your mind.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between your imagination and reality. Meaning you can experiment and visualize right now the feeling that you reach and make you happy now. You just have to practice the feeling; you don’t need to be miserable along the way. And this is the key to achieve that you really want because you will feel as you have it and then your brain, your mind will lead you to reach it out. Stop waiting for feeling happy.

Don’t try to control your future!!!

No one can do that, but what you can do is visualize your future and feel good about it and because you believe it will happen. Because you focus on your desire, your brain will work on it; your mind will lead you on it, your body will behave as you get it and everything that you will do, will drive you to your desire.

If you do not pay attention to what’s happening now, then you’re missing your ability to have joy into your life. To find peace and enjoy everything that happens in your life you have to become aware of the “Now” pay attention to what’s happening right now and learn by letting it go your bad memories (past) or expectation that stressing you out(future).

When you got happiness emotions, you automatically attract and connect easily with people.

You need to recognize your body’s languages. When you’re walking like a Superhero, your brain will create chemicals within you to make you feel confident, the same thing when you’re smiling even if you’re faking your brain doesn’t know the difference and will produce chemicals that will allow you to feel joyful.

So if you desire to change your current mood you have to change first your body language, change your triggers, change the word that you use to talk about yourself, have somethings that you can replace it or visualize it. Have music around you that will shift your emotions.

You have to realize that you have the option to feel whatever emotion you want.

So next time you feel negative emotions focus on it and replace it right away and don’t let the negative feeling come to you.

To your personal growth…

Amandine S’iita

Spiritual & Motivational Life Coach.

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